UFC FN 93 Maia vs. Condit: Playing the pass - 8/26/2016

Good day fight Enthusiasts.  We prefer to notify all readers that because we're in Las Vegas focusing in on the Supercontest seminars and festivities we are unable to conduct the required Due Diligence for this fight card.  

In three years we have only missed one card per year and that is by design for we always take a week away from the NFL season as well.  We do this because  we always want to act on our gaming as opposed to the other way around.  We will not release positions that have not been reseached to our standard.  Plus our last card was not very profitable even though we had a two unit (rare) position on McGregor.  

We wish best of luck to all and next week we'll feature our Supercontest seminar synopsis on our new medium....uTube where we will put out a 1-2 minute Sports gaming insight each week called...

GambLou's "Two Minute Drill"


Profitable Sports Gaming

NFL Pre Season: Due Diligence only! - 8/23/2016

Welcome NFL Enthusiasts to Pre season football.  Savvy Investors in the NFL use the pre season of the NFL as Due Diligence ONLY for they fully understand that TEAM motivations are suspect this time of year but individual motivations are never higher.  For this reason we watch every fiorst half of the forst two weeks of the pre season.  This week three we'll view into the third quarter knowing that no team plays any starters in that fourth week.  That said it will take us until mid next week to fully view all the film and ready ourselves for the regular season.

This weekend we'll attend the Westgate Hotel's Super Contest.   The chance to network and visit qwith the professionals that gather at those seminars is really worthy of our time./  We visit, share and discuss....business of course.

Each year we take extensive notes and after sending them to our Clients we do post them on our webpage for all to sghare so look for a College breakdown as well an NFL breakdown where we will share what is discussed in Las Vegas at these sessions.

Please see below our 2016 NFL Consulting offer.  We've earned for Clients these last two years (all records week by week are avaialble for both 2014 and 2015 by hitting the 'Profitability' tab on the top of this page) and many of our Clients have published testimonials for uus whcih can be found at the end of our Consulting review.

If you are serious about beating the NFL and just do not have the time to properly execute the diligence required to profit at the NFL then you need to consider the following. 

Thank You

NFL Consulting

Welcome potential NFL Consulting clients.  At GambLou.com we employ a matriculated, calculated approach to realizing bottom line profit in Sports Gaming most especially the NFL and College football.  Our gaming is conducted as a business.  We’ve realized bottom line Profitability privately for decades and publicly via GambLou.com for the last four years (of which the last two years results are displayed on our webpage on the ‘Profitability’ Tab). 

We publish Client results in our Money Morning blog and will continue to do so each week.  This practice allows those who are interested in our service but have not committed to review actual results prior to making a commitment for a four week run at NFL profitability.

Our approach is simple:  We fire from a rifle as opposed to a shotgun with regard to NFL gaming.  We do not sell picks by the game, the day or the week.  We encourage a long term approach to overcome what inevitably may happen to any professional handicapper….the off week.  We target a more experienced investor who may not have the time to conduct appropriate research but who does have a temperament for the benefits that WINNING Sports Gaming delivers.   We do not win every wager we release but we do realize bottom line profit over the long run which is why our service requires a monthly commitment. 


We stand by our results…we will provide any Client with at least the initial investment PLUS as return in the first monthly period or we’ll extend the initial period until your initial investment is recoupled plus profit. 

NO service stands by their results like we do!

Again available this year are testimonials from some of last year’s Clients who return this year based on last year’s profitability. Testimonials are attached at the end of this document and we can deliver more client access to those requesting such.

Our Service

We limit Client relationships each year to a select few.  Any interested investor should feel free to contact me or our past clients directly for questions/input as Client contact info is available with the testimonial at the end of this page.  We strive to completely satisfy those willing to utilize our expertise and in turn create a loyal Client base.  Slow quality growth is the GambLou goal and Client profitability is THE single point of focus. 

We monitor Client results each Monday on a one-on-one basis weekly so that as a team we are in total control of investment amounts, current balances, upcoming positions and bottom line profitability.  Our service runs for four NFL weeks which has been appropriate time for us to show our aptitude at NFL gaming and allows Clients to feel comfortable as they watch us operate to provide profitability.  It’s business after all.

Our consulting fee for the initial 4 week period is $500.00.  This covers all NFL activity (as well the college positions we release via the Legendary Math Model which are always gratis).  Those Clients signing up in August also get Futures positions (we provide those without charge once the subscription is received) and games of the year.  Last year Clients profited handsomely over their weekly NFL profits once our GOY and Future positions cashed and added to Client profitability.  We plan more of the same this year.

The Facts:

In other platforms/forums individuals must sell picks to earn.  Those that sell positions to earn make proclamations that 53% to 54% is an acceptable and profitable win rate over the long haul to which we say hogwash.  Because we remain supremely selective our win percentages have always exceeded those numbers and one glance at our archives will display this.  Our approach is unique and the result is Client profitability.

GambLou.com 2014 NFL results (regular season and playoffs): 52-37 (58.43%, 13.47% ROI)

GambLou.com 2015 NFL results (regular season and playoffs): 53-31 (63.1%, 23.54% ROI)

High win percentages enable us to make maverick moves with regard to buying off or through key numbers.  We play middle positions when it is advantageous, we work money lines (especially in the playoffs) in order to enhance the bottom line and we utilize the 6pt. -110 teaser in aggressive fashion. 

Our Pledge:

Any client choosing to utilize our service may expect the following: 

  • 2 to 5 total positions per week which equates to anywhere from 8 to 14 positions total for the initial month (in 2015 we averaged 4 releases per week) so profitability must be your goal not ‘ACTION’.
  • Personal access to me throughout the week via E mail and phone if requested.  We e-mail clients each Monday to update figures and we account to the penny.  We often invest aggressively early in the NFL week in order to obtain line advantage over the gaming market.  This provides us middle opportunities and other value enhancing maneuvers we actively employ to derive bottom line. 
  • We attend the Tuesday Meeting in Las Vegas (for years) with professional Las Vegas handicappers (both private and public) on a regular basis to network and discuss profitable positions in an open forum.  This form of due diligence is highly relevant and it is for our Client’s benefit.  The proof is in the results!
  • NFL Futures positions are provided to clients with a subscription which means joining in early August will allow you to gain access to any and all Future wagers and games of the year that we release.  Last year we had the Seahawk under season wins as well a Packer week 3 position both of which were profitable.  College football releases via the LMM are also offered as a privilege of membership.
  • All potential Clients must have their own resources with which to invest.  Clients must have the ability to buy half and full points and your outlet needs to accept 6 point two team teasers at -110.  It also should be stated that Clients should be able to play each release at a minimum of $550.00 per.  We track each release and keep specific records of all Client transactions, balances and progress. 
  • It must be understood that we are specifically a consulting service.  We do not take wagers nor do we condone anything illegal.  Our services are consultative based and focused toward an educated, refined player.
  • Further questions or issues may be addressed with us personally as we pride ourselves on tailoring our service to client needs. We offer consulting on a highly professional level for people who take their gaming seriously.   Those that wish to create a relationship with us will be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. 

To review last year’s Client testimonials please see below and if there are further issues you wish to discuss with us directly please reach out.  We can be reached at lou@gambLou, and @GambLou on Twitter.


From Andrew Schmeltz:

Just writing this first sentence, I’m already getting excited for the upcoming NFL schedule and another season working with GambLou.  I had tried other football services, most leaving me disappointed with their results and/or actions, and swearing I would never fall for the pitch again.  With life changes, I found myself no longer having the time to fully digest all that the NFL requires and thinking of venturing back into the services I swore off years prior.  Luckily, I stumbled upon GambLou somewhere along the roads of the internet and have experienced zero regrets. 

WARNING: GambLou did NOT go 80-15…but guess what, no one really does.   There were even some losing weeks…but that’s going to happen.  By the way, there is also no Monday Night 100 STAR BOMB to chase the week into a false winner or plays on every kickoff just for action. What I did experience, was realistic year-end profitability with my money management in mind. 

From the “GambLou Assurance”, where nothing further is asked unless your showing a profit above your investment, to routine contact from Lou himself, giving an update for the weekend ahead or answering questions I may have had, my expectations were met and exceeded.  Football services are not for everyone…hell, I’m not even sure they are for me.  What I am sure of is that I’m coming back for another year with Lou, and not thinking twice about it. 

@iuschmeltz on Twitter

From Scott Alan:

I paid GambLou for his service last year and did not actually make positions on his releases until October which was a huge mistake on my part because I left plenty of profit on the table.  Once he kicked me in the butt and I got on board I did nothing but win money.  Sure I had a week or two when I had to pay the man but I ended up realizing that there is no way I am waiting this year.  My money is in and I await his Future plays and GOY releases.  He says it’s business and it is.

Scott Alan (e mail available upon request from Lou)

From Joe Finocchiaro

(Joe is my nephew and has been with me for years....we're about full disclosure here))

My Uncle Lou wins at football.  I invest aggressively in the NFL and I would not begin to address the NFL wagering without GambLou’s advice and wisdom.  If you know how this Gaming world works, have some gaming experience but not enough time to properly handicap the NFL and want a reputable, honest handicapper that does what he says and sticks to his word then you need to give Lou your allegiance.  He WILL earn your trust.

@Joefino15 on twitter

From Drew Regan:

Uncle Louie - I would like to thank you for all of the knowledge and winners you've given me over the past few years. What I've learned utmost from you is your "dog" theory - which by the way, I first heard you talk about in 1979!  Yes sir, you were on it back then. You told me, with so many college and pro games on the board - the books are underestimating SOMEONE - so go find that one - or two or three games that are there!  But do your "homework". I think you now call that "due diligence”.  But it is so, so true!  Best of all about you is your character - you stand up to your results and you never ever run and hide from them rather few produce the kind of NFL results I have watched you produce for decades now.  I appreciate the knowledge that you've shared with me and I will continue ride your coat tails to profitability.
@Drewshoo on Twitter

From Legit Jedediah:

When you are a part of Lou's service, you know you have an edge. You know that it isn't someone picking games based on feelings, but someone that works diligently throughout the year to find the small edges that create profitable opportunities. Lou truly does all of the grind while you get to enjoy all of the shine.
@LegitJedediah on Twitter


Profitable Sports Gaming




UFC 202 Diaz vs. McGregor: "Welter Skelter" - 8/20/2016

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to UFC 202.   We have a superior card rolling out tonight with important fights that mean something.  The main event means mucho for its winner while the Johnson/Teixeira fight and the Mafny/Larking fight are critical for those respective victors also.  here's today's free look.  It comes from our main blog as all free releases we make have beeg given earlier to Clients.  Good Luck and enjoy the fights!

McGregor -130 vs. Diaz +110

Originally posted last week:

Here's our take, on this rematch.  Diaz plays tonight for money and McGregor took this fight for pride first then money.  If McGregor is a great generational MMA fighter (and we feel he just may be) then this is a fight he must win in order to move forward and eventually set up the biggest of the three paydays when the trilogy comes to conclusion and they Super Fight.  Make little mistake that this is how more money will be made, not by this second fight but by the third!

McGregor opened -300 for their first fight and was bet up from that number until the fight closed around -440 or so.  At one point in time that number reached McGregor -5 something.  McGregor's first tussle with Diaz was loaded with mistakes and we feel this fight may well be different in so far as his gas tank goes ofr in recent days it seems to us that MacGregor will fight like a furious fanatic from the opening bell on which is something he tried in the last but failed.  This would be a major gamble yet from his actions it seems very possible form his actions that Conor is going to sprint toward nate and try to do to him what Hagler did to Tommy Hearns a couple decades ago.  

Nate wants to get paid then petition for other money fights as he swells in the popularity KO'ing the loudmouth has delivered him.  An trilogy with these two for the new owners of this organization either soon or eventually down the road would net mucho money.  It's the larger, more durable fighter against the future of the game, a fighter with speed, precision striking and movement albeit one that is less rounded in all the arts than his opponent.  A classic in the making....we'll soon see.

For more actual fight insight please see the link below where I spoke to Matt Youmans of the Las Vegas Review Journal and broke down this fight.  Thank You Matt!


McGregor -130 


Profitable Sports Gaming









Shopping for line advantage - 8/15/2016

Good Day Enthusiasts. 

We find it refreshing to every once in a while throw a ‘back to basics’ lesson in for all to read and incorporate into their own Profitable Sports Gaming routine.  Putting a fresh spin on best practices reinforces basic fundamental principles of the gaming business in our own pursuit of the bottom line and we hope it contributes to yours.   

Our point of emphasis today is to encourage all to acquire the drive, determination and dedication to peruse more available wagering outlets than you are using currently.  If you use one entity I am asking you to go find another.   If you are like me and use multiple resources then by all means…..bring in another.  No ‘Maker will say no to any new client (fresh meat).

Point spread advantage, an extra nickel on the Money line, or for that matter any penny of line advantage against the market must be sought after and searched for like a lost wedding ring.  It is that important!

When applied to one’s daily gaming routine, scouring for ‘market advantage’ is quite a worthy undertaking.  Acquiring line advantage over the market or “getting the best of it” over time contributes to profitability as much as any practice one may perform.  Advantage however, is not something one trips over through luck;  advantage is acquired through work, grind, and effort….yes Enthusiasts, there’s always more precision Due Diligence required. 

Suffice it to say that Ol’ Uncle Louie scours for line value on the Sports we work like a fat kid in a Bavarian bakery.  We are relentless in our pursuit of any Advantage we may obtain in our ultimate competition with the betting market.  We spend mucho time scouring the numbers that will ultimately give us a nickel or dime worth of advantage in any sporting endeavor we are pursuing (that nickel or dime represents pure profitability and over pads profitability). 

We spend serious time shopping lines/spreads in order to gain Advantage.  Obtaining advantage over the market is thrilling when accomplished for over time if one is consistently ‘getting the best of the line’ profitability WILL be enhanced.  To Ol’ Uncle Louie discovering that extra nickel on any opinion is similar to that first kiss with a beautiful woman (or man depending on one’s interests).  

In summary, if you are working to be Profitable at Sports Gaming, lesson numero uno is to shop for Advantage.  Shopping for line advantage is a simple undertaking if one is focused on every penny of profit.  As a practice this undetrtaking requires only common sense and a deep desire to be on top of the market as opposed to being in its wake. 

Shopping for Advantage is underestimated as a practice by too many in the pursuit of……. 


Profitable Sports Gaming


Narrow focus and increase expertise - 8/8/2016

Good Day gaming Enthusiasts.  The professional NFL handicapper today has little time off.  Here at GambLou.com HQ we devote immense time into handicapping.  Refining our exclusive NFL Power ratings (including home field value-add) has been an ongoing process from the end of the Super Bowl as it has been for decades.  The truth is that at this stage of life, my competitive nature has me devoting the time to provide profitability in sporting events to Clients and of course to keep Mrs. GambLou happy.  The ability to dedicate the necessary time handicapping provides us with ‘return on investment’.  Just like any business investment must be made, due diligence performed and daily effort spent in order to profit on the investment.  Check our results on the “Profitability” tab at the top of our webpage and you will be able to see detailed records and results, win percentages and ROI for all the gaming events we work.

As we approach the NFL season its trades, coaching changes, draft additions, off season surgeries, suspensions etc. that keep us on our toes until we get to this point of the season.  Beginning with this past weekend’s Hall of Fame embarrassment, we’ll continue to invest comprehensive time as we watch the first half of each team’s first two pre-season games then each team’s third pre-season contest.  Believing that one knows and actually knowing are very different my friends. 

Here at GambLou headquarters we ‘plan our work then work our plan’.  We’ve been refining our Due Diligence process each year for almost 40 years in order to be able to work smart as opposed to working long.  At the end of the day however who’s counting the hours?  We’re planning on counting deposits!  We justify our time spent with the return we earn.

Understanding team strengths, Coaching philosophies, offensive identities, defensive schemes, team schedules, travel and special team capabilities are required this line of work.  We invest time in understanding the second string capabilities of each player on each team which provides us with the thorough knowledge we require in order to compete with the Makers.    

‘Narrow your focus and increasing your expertise’.  This is the best advice we ever received years ago as we were beginning our sales career.  This practice enables us to realize success specifically in the NFL (we also work the UFC, Puck Playoffs and the other boutique Gaming opportunities like the College World Series).  For the past 3 years we have published our positions in the NFL (and all sporting endeavors) for all to read, digest and invest in if they so choose to.  We’ll allow the results we have realized for the last 3 years to speak as again those results are all posted on our webpage! 

We are poised to share our comprehensive NFL gaming knowledge to interested individuals or groups as we roll toward the 2016 NFL season.  For any interested in enlisting us to work with you on a consultative manner please check out the ‘NFL Consulting’ tab found at the top of the GambLou.com webpage.  Our pricing is premium but our returning Clients have all posted testimonials on our service for you to review if interested.

  1. We devote the necessary time, energy and effort to Clients willing to invest in our services to provide them with bottom line and in turn utilize their success as a basis to help build our consulting in a very slow yet measured manner.  This is our third year and we are growing steadily.
  2. We have no desire to try to satisfy gross numbers of subscribers which in turn dilutes the time and knowledge we provide to those that step up to our NFL service.  Also, we run our own Profitable Sports Gaming business and we can’t be distracted trying to accommodate the many at the expense of our own bottom line and the bottom line of those that choose to enlist us as their trusted partner/consultant. 

Good Luck to all and remember:  Due Diligence; Selectivity; Money Management.  These are the foundations of….


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN92 Caceres vs. Rodriguez: Leglocks by the Lake - 8/6/2016

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to our manner of producing profit from putrid pups.  While this card tonight may not seem to feature the big names and luster of previous UFC fight cards, it does offer profit opportunities.  The main event will feature two dynamic young mixed martial artists who define and exemplify the evolution of this sport and the assimilation of all the fighting specialties that together create the modern mixed martial artist.  Watch Caceres and Rodriguez tonight for it will be a peek into what’s on the horizon in this sport that is still in its infancy as far as development and evolution are concerned.    

We’ve researched the card for fighters we believe match-up well to their opponent both stylistically and physically then we reduce them to those fighters that we believe will offer their top effort tonight.  We try to discover top effort, team commitment (did the fighter arrive to SLC’s altitude a day or so ago or a weeks ago?), physical/mental advantages and finally we assess whether the market price presents value before we move.  It’s business.

 (All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is accounted for each Monday AM.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability while providing our readers with 110% disclosure).

Ponzinibbio -115 vs. Cummings +105

We mentioned on the FightNetwork with Gabriel Morency this past week how we missed much of the line value in UFC 201 waiting for better value and that moving forward we’d be more aggressive in taking a price on a fighter that we felt offered value WHEN it came available.  We then discussed our move on Cummings +150 (which we released right here at GambLou.com Monday).   Ponzinibbio is a fast ferocious striker who’s been running roughshod over the weight class on his drive enter the division’s top fifteen.   Ponzi has pop, power and is more athletic than Cummings but we do not judge fighters by their looks rather by the competence of their fight arsenal.  Cummings is a superior grappler/wrestler and his success will hinge on being able to get Ponzi to utilize energy in that first round, weather the Argentinean’s striking attack and get this fight into the second round.  We feel Cummings’ cardo will be an advantage in this fight even though we acknowledge that the Argentinean fighter did arrive here early to acclimate to the altitude.  Cummings needs to make this fight a senior prom slow dance and force the faster more athletic Argentinean to expend energy early so he can grapple for advantage in the later rounds.

Our UFC FN92 full card breakdown is available as are all of our past UFC reults.  Hit the "Profitability" tab at the top of this page to access.


Profitable Sports Gaming


Putrid Pups, dirty Dogs and mangy Mutts - 8/3/2016

When determining which final choices the refined opinion maker opts to side with for any particular event, there exists a simple criterion that we’ve incorporated into our repertoire that has directed us profitably for literally decades.  By simple make-up Uncle Louie is an underdog player.  To say that GambLou.com is dedicated to dogs is accurate.  Those that follow our positions and suspicions understand that we scour to discover ‘live’ underdogs as a foundation of our success.  Of course we ‘never say never’ but in our review and selection of the best values possible within any slate, card or schedule it is certain that we will work diligently to uncover value in a qualified underdog.  This is not to say that we will not play a chalk but it is as difficult for us to breathe under water as it is for us to play that occasional Chalk. 

In the event we determine there is value in a chalk position we will work to uncover props or alternate lines which allow us to angle for enhanced gaming value.  We have utilized this practice well over the years for it provides us with such value.  Enhancing the value of a Chalk position by using available resources may increase profitability by narrowing the specificity of the position (this can be best explained in UFC betting, as one may not wish to take the chalk at a price of -300 but to consider that same Chalk to KO/TKO the other bloke for a better price/return).  This is but one sensible way to create value by shopping many outlets, their props positions and any exotics they offer.

We're in the middle of conducting our dynamic Due Diligence for the upcoming 2016 NFL season and believe us when we tell you that each year in the NFL there are surprises.  Our task is to eliminate surprises and calculate, create and enhance our gaming opportunities. 

Due Diligence used as a tool to uncover value in underdog positions is but one pillar of our success.  More self-sufficiency angles coming over the next few weeks.


Profitable Sports Gaming

Money Morning: NFL Consulting & UFC 201 Profitability - 8/1/2016

Welcome Enthusiasts to August 1st!  Let’s recap UFC 201 but before we do let’s speak about 2016 NFL Consulting.

We’ll be rolling out our 2016 NFL Consulting offering later today right here on Gamblou.com (please see ‘NFL Consulting’ tab at the top of our webpage that highlights all the details of our Client service platform as well the ‘Profitability’ tab on our webpage that displays exactly our last two years of NFL results week by week). 

This is our third year providing Clients profitability in the NFL and the Client list is growing. Again this year many of our Clients have offered their testimonials for our service which all may view on the above mentioned ‘Consulting’ tab.   Our focus in early August is to uncover value opportunities with NFL futures, Games of the Year (GOY) offerings and continue to undertake our comprehensive Due Diligence for the entire 2016 NFL season.  We’ll have releases upcoming in the several days so it’s important to saddle up now to take advantage of the value we obtain with Future positions. 

One note:  Payment of the Consulting fee in August provides all Futures wagers and GOY releases in August AND the first 4 weeks of the NFL season

Our service is Premium in scope; return and cost so please insure that when you access the ‘Profitability’ tab (again found at the top of our webpage) you must understand that the numbers displayed there are based on $100 per release.  All GambLou Clients play a minimum $550.00 per unit and most are $1100.00 per release so it’s critical to multiply the numbers displayed on the ‘Profitability’ tab for the 2014 and 2015 NFL seasons by 5 or 10 to determine our clients bottom line gross PROFITABILITY!  We also list each week’s results in terms of wins/loses/win percentages and ROI.  This is business!

UFC 201

We had a fine night in the UFC Saturday.  Clients were asked to invest a total of $350.00 over 5 UFC wagers.  The result being a 4-1 +$290.00 net profit for a Return on Investment (ROI) for the night of 79.45%.  Now we don’t always knock it out of the park like that but one look at our Profitability in the UFC for 2016 will display that we realized a 12-10 + $550.00 tally for July in the UFC (mangy mutts barked in July).  UFC Enthusiasts, for a measly $27.45 per fight card we are the best dad gummed value in profitable UFC gaming.  It’s time to hop on board!


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC 201: Lawlor vs. Woodley: Ambar’s from the ATL - 7/30/2016

Welcome to UFC 201 fight Enthusiasts.  We must confess to being somewhat vexed by the line movement with the fights on this card.  Earlier this week with Gabriel Morency on his MMAMeltdown show that airs on the Fight Network we discussed Woodley +170 in some depth and our lean to him inside the distance (ITD) +315.  Kowalkiewicz was then +190 and Serrano at the time we taped was -135.  The price on Woodley and Kowalkiewicz, to our surprise has eroded while the Serrano line today works to our favor.  Another fight we did not discuss was Erik Perez who we grabbed -120 early this week, we completely blew that fight for he is now -155 and that takes the value away from him.  These line moves alter our approach somewhat as we will never advise Clients/readers to move on any gaming event where the line value is poor or has gone away.  We’ll remain Selective today and take a poke at what we believe will be profitable pooches. 

-Let’s Fight-

UFC 201 Free Release:

Serrano -110 vs. Benoit +100

Benoit who takes this fight on very short notice is a capable offensive mixed martial artist.  He has a wresting base but against Serrano he will dare not go there.  Rather we see him employing a striking, kicking and clinching attack against Serrano tonight.  Serrano is a very accomplished wrestling based fighter from Columbia that is older yet gives the experience edge to his opponent.  Serrano’s cardio, grinding gritty style while perhaps not exciting for the UFC fans look like DaVinci to us.  We see Fredy getting his hand raised here in a tough close bout.

Serrano -110 

*Full UFC 201 releases available for 5 tokens or $27.49


Profitable Sports Gaming


UFC on Fox 20 Holm vs. Shevchenko: Chicago Dogs! - 7/22/2016

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to our coverage of UFC on Fox 20.  This card wanes in canine capable comparison to recent UFC cards but our role is to uncover mangy mutts and we remain focused at the task today.  We prepare in order to provide profitable pups for our pugilistic prognosticators that read us.  Today all releases are free because they are few.  In each case we are siding with a fighter that is an unwanted mangy mutt and a fighter we believe is prepared to offer their best tonight.

-Let’s Fight-

Elkins -230 vs. Pepey +210

Elkins is the grinder with a balanced attack, true grit and improving striking.  His Defense however is such that he does get hit often and while coming inside to try to clasp.  His opponent Godofredo Pepey has been off for some months and it’s what he’s done with his time that intrigues us.  Pepey has a clear stand-up advantage, is younger, longer and frankly more dangerous in terms of finishing fights than is Elkins.  It’s Pepey’s improvements in cardio and wresting (if any) that to me is the determining factor in this fight. For Pepey to own advantage he’ll need to be able to move, stuff the takedown and pop Elkins on his way in, let’s see if he has been improving his take down D, his wresting and especially his cardio in order to be considered an improving threat in the top half of this weight class. 

Pepey +210

Saenz -145 vs. Wineland +135

Saenz is the grinder, the wrestler and he’s just come off an impressive showing against Faber that has most drinking the fruity Frankie cool aid.  While Saenz has looked very good in his most recent fights he is 36 years old and is giving up size and reach to the striker from the Chicago area.  Saenz is ripe tonight as he'sn there against a guy who htough he's had to overcome injuries, sports a vast experience edge.  Wineland is also on the cusp of getting cut from the organization in our estimation and we feel all of this contributes to Eddie putting out the best he has tonight.  Will it be enough?  This fight reminds me of the Soto/Dillashaw situation.  Soto was a world beater after his fight with TJ until he got in there with an underdog in Birchak and got destroyed.  Yes Saenz looked great against Faber but when he gets in there with a long dangerous striker right after his ‘coming out’ fight (like Soto did against Birchak) the results can often be surprising.  

Wineland +135

Ngannou -550 vs. Minajlovic +475

Don’t judge the fighter or the fight by the physique. 

Fight starts Round 2 +102

Value Parlay

We believe the line at open, Holm -350 was about right in this fight so imagine our surprise to see that number dropping like a hammer in a lake to today’s current price!  Holm -160 (current)  is the larger fighter and we feel Shevchenko will have trouble gaining access to the pocket in order to be able to try to do any damage to the longer, taller, larger, striker.   We’ll take a one unit position on Holm in a two team parlay and we’ll leave the second half of the parlay open until a later time and opportunity.

We’re going conservatively today and hoping to squeeze a little profit out of this card and set ourselves up for the next few UFC cards upcoming.



Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN 91 Lineker vs. McDonald: Who falls in Sioux Falls? - 7/13/2016

Welcome Fight Enthusiasts to UFC FN 91.  We had an epic week last week posting a 6-7 +3.18 unit final result.  Profitability is our long term focus and we'll continue to provide profitability to clients with a passion for fighting.

(Please note:  All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is accounted for each Monday AM.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability while providing our readers with 110% disclosure).

Our UFC 200 free selection was Juliana Pena +155.  Let's see if we can serve up another unsavory dog today!  Our free releases are from our releases to Clients folks....no scraps give n out here.


Olynyk -190 vs. Omielanczuk +175

Olynyk is a decorated top flight MMA competitor but he is coming off of two knee operations that have shelved him for the last several months.  He is also 39 years old facing a younger man in Omielanczuk that will need to keep this fight standing.  Knee operations or not, the Russian fighter will own advantage on the floor yet we feel at his age e could well show some rust as well some of those 39 years if this should get into the second round.  The younger fighter seemingly on the improve is our choice tonight.

Omielanczuk +175 (half)

Money Morning: UFC Profitability - 7/11/2016

Good Monday fight Enthusiasts.  Here’s a report on last week’s three UFC cards that highlight how important it is to ride with Uncle Louie for the long term as opposed to trying to cherry pick UFC fight cards one at a time.  Let’s show last week’s results to illustrate our point.

(All GambLou.com releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every GambLou.com release is accounted for each Monday AM.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability while providing our readers with 110% disclosure).

Thursday UFC FN90 results 1-2 +$90.00

Baghdad -100, Clark/Duffy Over -120, Alvarez +310

Friday UFC TUF Finale results 0-3 -$270.00

Joanna/Matthews -100, Moraga -70, Holbrook -100

UFC 200 results 5-2 +487.00

Assuncao -50, Santos -50, Nunes +110, Lesnar +73, Aldo +105, Pena +155 and Gastelum +145

As we discussed in our blogs leading up to the week we worked the UFC weekend backwards from UFC 200 toward the UFC FN card.  We do this to help limit releases and also to place the proper focus on the fights offering us to most gaming value.  UFC 200 was surely an epic night for us. 

Our UFC weekly result:  6-7 +318.00

For all three cards in three nights we made 13 releases (4.33 per card) and realized a gross profit of $318.00

The point of today’s article is to highlight that GambLou and Profitable Sports Gaming are a long term endeavor.  We provide our ‘Assurance’ to those that buy multiple UFC cards because we feel confident that over the long haul we will provide ROI to GambLou Clients.  Reality is that on occasion we do have a night like UFC TUF Finale when we lay an egg but over time we profit….just check the results for the last 2.5 years! 

The Profitability tab on our front page highlights all the sports we work and lists past results.  You will see all UFC results for past seasons with win percentages, total gross profit and Return on Investment percentages. 

Potential clients should understand that this is a marathon not a sprint.  The commitment to profit over thelong term is our platform. 

GambLou UFC Results since 2014:

190-250; Win percentage 43.18%, Gross Profit: $4368.00, ROI 10.79%.

Those serious about profitability in Sports Gaming are encouraged to have the ability toattack your gaming in a long term sense.  We set up the GambLou Assurance program to insure that our Clients make profit over their investment for we back up our claims with the assurance that we are here to make long term clients profitable not hit them for a few bucks then look for other suspects.  Its business and we urge you to check us out.  

Questions, comments and issues….Lou@GambLou.com


Profitable Sports Gaming


UFC 200 Tate vs. Nunes: TKO's at T-Mobile - 7/9/2016

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to UFC 200.  We have a packed card tonight and we offer 7 positions on the card for our Clients to enjoy.  We've been focusing on this card for weeks in order to gain value on the lines and select live labradors who we hope will come ready to perform tonight.  

Here's our free position for UFC 200

Zingano -140 vs. Pena +130

We released this fight to Clients days ago Pena +155.  We feel Juliana is focused and ready to break into the top five in the Woman'sBantamweight division if she can clip the Cat.  Pena is athletic, strong and much younger than Zingano who has been shelved from competitioon while she was recovering form a knee.  This is a fine spot for Pena who will try to out bully the bully in tonight's affair.

Good luck to all and enjoyu UFC 200


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale: Joanna vs. Gadelha - 7/8/2016

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to the second UFC fight card in three nights.  Last night’s Eddie Alvarez accomplishment pushed us to profitability as we realized a 1-2 + .90 result.  Producing profit from punches can be a grind and we love the grind.   Turn the page to tonight and we have the TUF finale where we will remain relatively conservative as we focus on trying to take a little profit into UFC 200 Saturday. 

-Let’s Fight-

Today’s Pup proposition

Silva -115 vs. Holbrook +105

Interesting to note the line flip in this fight.  Holbrook opened -150 with Silva returning +110.  Silva is a striker who will want to stay standing in order for him to have his best chance to victory while Holbrook must take the Brazilian fighter to the floor in order to gain his best advantage.  We do feel fights hit the floor eventually and we believe that holbrook’s stand up game is more competitive than is the ground and grappling game from Silva.  Silva has traveled in for this fight while Holbrook is the home town kid.  We’ll take the value on Holbrook who we feel was the rightful chalk in this bout.

Holbrook +105 


Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN90 Dos Anjos vs. Alvarez: Leglocked in Las Vegas - 7/7/2016

Welcome Fight Enthusiasts to UFC FN 90, Dos Anjos vs. Alvarez.  We have four fight cards over the next seven days so our focus is Profitability by utilizing Selectivity.   On packed weekends like Thanksgiving (football season) or International Fight Week for the UFC we take the last card and work backwards.  Our handicapping begins with UFC 200 and then we regress to tonight’s card.  Therefore we’ll work toward Saturday’s UFC 200 card chronologically even though we’ve handicapped this weekend from UFC 200 backwards.  We do this to remain ultra-Selective as well to budget the bankroll for the marathon of opportunity that lies ahead. 

Again, what we do here is Business for we ‘plan our work then work our plan’.

-Let’s Fight-

Today’s free Selection

We offer a free selection to GambLou Enthusiasts who are interested in our service but have yet to pull the trigger and become a client.  FYI these free selections are part of the releases we give to Clients.  We do not serve warm road kill out to the public and save the best for our Clients.  Clients, it should be noted  have had this position for some time prior to us releasing this as a public pick.  Clients gain all advantage here at Gamblou.com.  Try us!

Duffy -400 vs. Clarke +325

This line opened Duffy -315 which we thought was an easy fifty cents too high for this match-up.  Duffy is a polished stand up striker with a boxer’s background.  He is getting inflated in our estimation based on what he did years ago against McGregor as opposed to his recent body of work.  Duffy is tough and has good hands but he is relatively one dimensional and is in need of vast improvements on the mat.  Mitch Clarke is a more well-rounded fighter than Duffy, though his stand us is nowhere near as sharp as the Irishman’s.  Clarke will own advantage on the mat and for him to have his hand raised he must drag Duffy to the dirt and make this a maul on the mat.  Clarke’s recent fights with Chiesa and Iaquinta displayed the traits we view as our angle for this fight.  Clarke needs to weather the first round, use his grappling to close distance on the striker then grind him in what we believe will be an ugly boring flop fest on the floor.

Fight starts Round 3 -120

We released this prop at -120 and it is now -130