Money Morning: Pigskin Profitability - 10/16/2017

Welcome Gaming Enthusiasts to Money Morning.  Here we recap all the Profitable Sports Gaming activity for the week into one concise report.

Every profitable business must undergo the necessary preparation (Due Diligence), client diagnosis/targeting (Selectivity) and financial tracking (Money Management) to maintain its bottom line for we are all in this for one reason PROFIT.

Our practices here at are time tested at delivering bottom line profitabilty for all one need do is pay attention to these Money Morning reports to determine that specialization in gaming is the modern approach to gaming success.

We narrow our focus while increasing our expertise in the few sports we work.  Those attempting to profit from working NFL to college football into the NBA, NHL and college baskets are fooling themselves and most especially the fumbling followers they attract for generalization is stale and obsolete.  My exaple is that if your son or daughter has a broken bone you take themm to an Orthapediatric specialist not the family poracticioner.  All businesses thriving today do so on specialization and expertise.  This holds true with Profitable Sports gaming though the dinosaur's preaching specialization across all sports will try to get you to think otherwise.

This is business people and my suggestion is rather than 'paying handicappers for picks' you enlist a full time specialized consultant to work with you for your interests…..not theirs!

This is business and our focus is keyed to the realization of our Client's bottom line profitability.

NFL clients realized a 2-1 this week in the NFL with wins on the Jets +9;  the Vikes +9/Cards +8.5 (teaser) and finally the loss which was Tampa Bay Moneyline.

2017 NFL:  15-11   58%   +5.3u     +17.30 ROI

(ROI includes our sole Future position:  Patriot season win total Under 13 -135. When this  position  matures into profit we will update that line item).

Profitable Sports Gaming

Money Morning: UFC & NFL Accounting - 10/9/2017

Welcome Gaming Enthusiasts to Money Morning.

Foundational to Profitable Sports Gaming is a dedication to the bottom line.  We publish all results for all the sporting events we work for public viewing (anyone may access our results at by going to the webpage and accessing the ‘Profitability’ tab on the top of the page) on line and in real time.  Further each Monday we do a synopsis of the weeks results for any to review.  Any public corporation has to make their books open to the public and we feelit is in our benefit to do so as it differentiates us from the scads of pretenders out there clamoring about cash but reluctant to post actual results.


We realized a 2-0 +2.4u result in Saturdays UFC 216.  Derrick Lewis was the third release but he missed the fight late with a back issue. Favorites this year in the UFC are running at a 66.7% clip (211-89-16*).  Our win percentage of 41.98% is well ahead of the current dog win rate of 33.33% which indicates that our practices are working and while the reults are not what past years have been we need take pride in the fact that our system is working.  We’ll continue to flog our way through the furrow of fav’s in furious fashion make no mistake about it.

2017 UFC:   34-47    41.98%     +5.43u      7.17% ROI


We realized our first losing week of the season in week 5 and while we are unhappy to report that we did save ourselves a unit with a late release on the Chief ML last evening. Week five we realized a 2-3 -1.1u result

2017 NFL:    13-10    56.5%    +2.2u    +7.37 ROI

(ROI includes an ungraded Future ticket on Patriots Under 13 season wins which appears as a loss. Clearly that release has a fine chance of cashing thus increasing the win percentage and ROI substantially upon its grading).

We’re in mid-season grind and there is absolutely no place we’d rather be than….

”right here, right now”

Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC 216 Ferguson vs. Lee - 10/7/2017

Fight Enthusiasts we must pay respects and admiration for the tremendous display of togetherness, community and selflessness that has been the city of Las Vegas this past week as they navigate through pure madness.  Profitable Sports gaming is jack squat compared to the important things in life like Faith, Family and Friends.  We acknowledge the community of Las Vegas and send our prayers to those affected in any way.

UFC 216

Duquesnoy -155 vs. Stamman +145

Duq is a young, talented striker with quickness, power, precision and dynamic potential yet to compete in the UFC one must eventually display a well roundedness within ALL the fight specialties that create a world class mixed martial artist.  We’ll find out mucho about Duq tonight as he is in there with a competent wrestling based fighter we feel is getting a bit overlooked in this matchup.  Stamman has seemed nothing spectacular thus far is a grinder and will be relentless to get inside and smother the striker for he knows that he must not allow Duq distance or hell get dropped.  Going with the grinder in an ugly affair…. we hope.

Stamman +145 (released yesterday)

Werdum -245 vs. Lewis +215

We believe Werdum is a dangerous dynamic fighter and is by far more complete on paper and in fighting style than Lewis but his tread is wearing in our view.  He’s forty years old, been in wars and brings with him a breakable beak.  The beast’s fighting style is rough as broken glass but the younger more explosive man is in position to measure his aggression against Werdum and eventually find him without giving himself up for the clinch.  If Lewis is patient he’ll find Fabricio sooner …. or later.

Lewis +225

Ferguson -250 vs. Lee +230

Ferguson is not unbeatable but he is dynamic everywhere, brings bad intention and is a cardiovascular machine……he’s also more experienced, more professional and in this fight, we feel more prepared.  Lee’s been living this fight by using his lips but fact is that he struggled on the scale giving his opponent more time to rehydrate while Lee was laboring with lbs. and dealing in distraction.  Lee’s potentially a future star but this is going to be his PhD in MMA tonight.  That said the time to wager on the Champ has passed.  We shopped the Prop section to come up with what we feel is market advantage tonight.

Props (5Dimes)

Fight starts Rd 3 -170           Over/Under 2.5 -115              Fight starts Rd 4 -105

When studying the above pricing we diagnose advantage in the over 2.5 Rds. 

One would have to pay -170 for the ‘Fight to start 3’ so if we feel this one can go another 2.5 minutes then we can save .55 cents in chalk choking price.  Conversely ‘Fight to start 4’ is a moderate -105 so there is little incentive or value in that consideration.  We expect this main event will enter the middle to Championship rounds as we can’t’/won’t all together discount Lee’s abilities

Over 2.5 -117 Profitable Sports Gaming



Money Morning: NFL Profits- Narrow Focus & Increase Expertise - 10/2/2017

Welcome gaming Enthusiasts to Money Morning.  Each Monday as a practice of Profitable Sports Gaming we provide a precision financial recap of the previous week’s gaming activity. This past week we worked the NFL to a 1-2 result, our first losing week.

Through week four Clients have realized a 11-7 for 61% win rate producing a 14.6% ROI.  Clients have profited 3.2 units in the first month alone with a Future wager on the Patriots season win total under 13 -135 in the balance (and counted as a loss in our ROI numbers until it is graded).  

We’ve been providing profit in the NFL for years, our results are clearly detailed and available for all to view by accessing the ‘Profitability’ tab at the top of the webpage.  All NFL services are detailed in the 'NFL Consulting' tab for interested parties.

If you are serious about banking bottom line in the NFL over a long term period and want a reputable professional working with you then please consider us. You won’t be sorry.

Profitable Sports Gaming

Money Morning: NFL Profitability & UFC deposits - 9/25/2017

Good Monday gaming Enthusiasts. 

In the NFL we had another stellar Sunday realizing a 4-2 result.  To date, we are experiencing great returns and will remain dedicated to the known process that produces our profitability across all of the sporting events we work:  Dynamic Due Diligence, Supreme Selectivity and precision Money Management.

NFL 2017: 10-5    75.0%   + 4.5 units   ROI 27.2% Clients standard unit of investment is $1,100.00 per position. Do the math and then decide why the hail you are not investing with us.  We post all results weekly and our archives list every wager we have made across all sports for the last four years.  (Note: We do work with Enthusiasts who need to start out at 550.00 per unit)


This week we grabbed some green off of the UFC table by splitting our two mangy mutt releases and pocketing profit from the process.  In the UFC 2017 Favorites stand 205-86-14 which is a win percentage of 67%!

UFC 2017:  32-47    40.51%    +3.03 units   +4.12 ROI

Compare our win percentage to that of all dogs this year in the UFC and one can see that we’re ahead of the dogs (win percentage) by several digits.  We’re doing the correct handicapping and biding our time until the correction of canines come crashing in on the parlay playing pukes!

We’re about investment and profitability…why? Because it’s BUSINESS!

Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN 117: Submissions from Saitama - 9/22/2017

Welcome Fight Enthusiasts to UFC from Japan which airs tonight!  We've found this card to be interesting on a Due Diligence level and quite unappealing from an investment strategy.  We'll take a small look at a couple mangy mutts today and then turn our attention to UFC 216 in a couple of weeks.

-Let’s Fight-

(All releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we publicize is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Formiga -400 vs. Sasaki +360

Sasaki is younger, taller, longer and maybe not quite the fighter Formiga is but he's at home and will provide a solid effort against a fighter we feel is in a poor position tonight.

Sasaki +360 (half)

Gadhela -270 vs. Andrade + 250

Gadhela gruels and gropes well on the ground and Andrade must not allow it to happen.  If Andrade' can keep this standing she has advantage.  

Andrade + 250 (half)

Profitable Sports Gaming



Money Morning: NFL Week II Profitability - 9/18/2017

Welcome Enthusiasts to our Money Morning report. results are listed here for your review each Monday across all of the sporting events we work.  In this week’s case we passed on UFC Pittsburgh while focusing this weekend on the NFL exclusively.  We publicize all results across all sports always to allow potential clients to review our profitability as well our processes.  Transparency and a program designed for the Client.

Week 2 NFL 2-2 (specific selections available in Profitability report).

2017 NFL: 6-3 to date with one sole Future position working which is:

Patriots under 13 season wins -135 (again available in the Profitability report).

The NFL season is just underway and there is still time to consider becoming one of the handful of select NFL Clients.  All information regarding this relationship is available at the top of our webpage under ‘NFL Consulting’.

Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN 116: Pittsburgh Pass - 9/16/2017

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to UFC FN 116 where two of the fights we had targeted for consideration have both been dropped from the slate.  The remaining fights for this card in Pittsburgh are well matched but offer little value.  We do see pup potential in three fighters who we feel posess more potential than the markets are giving them credit for but with Chalk chasing a 193-81-12 mark (66.3% win rate) in the UFC 2017 we must say that it will take some juevo's to wager on any of the canines on this card. We'll name the targeted fighters on Twitter if we do make any move as we'll choose to wait for more price and be patient.  An old Paisano once told me: 'Louie, sometimes the best wager is the one not made'.

We'll be back for UFC FN 117 from Japan next week which goes off Friday afternoon....Good luck to all
Profitable Sports Gaming


UFC 215: Nunes vs. Shevchenko II: The Rematch - 9/9/2017

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to UFC 215 where the announced main event Johnson vs. Borg has been cancelled at the last-minute due to illness.  We hate to find irony in the fact that the list time this occurred it was tonight’s now main event participant Amanda Nunes who pulled out of her fight with Shevchenko last minute a couple months ago.  Make little mistake that the UFC on paper will tell you they’re after fighter safety but cancelling on a main event last minute will do one no favors with the UFC brass.

This year we’re struggling to profit at the UFC and while we make no excuses for the result (for as Bill Parcels says, “you are what your record is”) we will highlight the fact that we do chase value in under dogs and in 2017 UFC Favorites stand 190-75-11 to date.  That’s just under 69%.  We’ll continue to reduce both the number and amount of our wagers as we approach the final quarter of 2017 with the belief that there is correction on the horizon….

-Let’s Fight-

(All releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we are active with is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment data while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Tucker -355 vs. Glenn +320

Tucker looked awesome in his last and Glenn is slower than a seven-year itch…. but he has the physical advantages (size, reach, length, youth).  Tucker opened a fair -190 (to Glenn’s +150) and has been bet up by the parlay playing pukes who must have tomorrow’s sports page already.  Look Enthusiasts, while we’re having a tough season trying to locate live Labradors the one thing we will never give into is fear.  If and once we ever experience fear we leave this racket.  Glenn needs to make this a long grueling grind to have any chance and at +260 we’re going to give him that opportunity. Patience here may get you to +350.

Today’s ‘Swing it Easy’ special.

Glenn +320 (half)

Profitable Sports Gaming

UFC FN 115 Struve vs. Volkov: Bodyslam in Rotterdam - 9/1/2017

Welcome fight Enthusiasts to UFC 115 from Rotterdam the Netherlands.  This fight card will occur 11:45am Saturday so with an early slate comes early puppy presentation.  Here are the mangy, unwanted rabid rogue’s we’ve diagnosed as being in position to offer us their best effort Saturday in Rotterdam. 

UFC chalk continues its torrid pace realizing a 68% success rate in 2017.  We’ll play conservatively with the goal of pulling some profit from this fight card.

-Let’s Fight-

(All releases are understood to be a standard and hypothetical $100.00 per position unless otherwise stated.  We employ $100.00 to easily track results as every release is recorded and accounted for each Monday AM in the “Money Morning’ report.  On line, up to date results for all sporting events we are active with is available on the ‘Profitability’ tab located at the top of the webpage.  Public accounting allows us to display bottom line profitability and Return on Investment data while providing readers with 110% disclosure).

Taisumov -435 vs. Silva -385*

Here we’ll allow the numbers to steer us to the much taller longer man in the Octagon which is an angle we do pay attention to.  Taisumov is a typical Russian grinder though he may be less capable on the mat and a bit more comfortable standing than most of his Countrymen.  He’ll be giving away size, length and reach to the Brazilian who steps up in class a bit in this spot.  Silva’s a dangerous striker with a kickboxing background and a solid BJJ foundation.  Silva’s striking and length can make Taisumov labor to get inside thus making him more predictable and hittable.  Taisumov may well find Silva more dangerous inside the Octagon than his last three or four opponents.

Silva +385 (half)

Khabilov -265 vs Green +245

Khabilov is a huge step up for Green but we feel Green may just be up to the task here.  Green’s the larger, taller, younger southpaw who sports a sold wrestling base and in this fight a decent stand up edge.  He’s facing a grizzled veteran whose strength is his strength…his wrestling, grinding and stamina.  This looks to be potentially a great fight as we see the larger Green as must having to keep this fight on the feet and not allow the Russian to wipe his face on the floor.  Green must be able to quell the takedowns and keep this soiree standing.  If he’s able to execute that plan….he can fight Khabilov on the feet where his chances of victory are best. Stand it up!

Green +240 (half)

Till -190 vs. Velickovic +180

Till’s a young brash confident fighter who has been a touch inactive recently though he did get his hand raised a few months ago against a relative tomato can after missing weight.  His prior event was in 2015 which was an unimpressive draw to fighter Nicolas Darby.  Till is young and still a bit green based on our handicapping for he’s forward moving, busy yet can be wide and wild.  His opponent Velickovic will at least accommodate Till in that there will be little threat of any ground attack from the Serbian as this fight is destined to be a stand-up striking affair.  Bojan and Till will be fighting one another at each’s strength which makes this fight must watch in our opinion.  The Serbian arrives with the intangible traits such as drive, grit, toughness and training regime (Denver area and altitude). Sometimes it’s the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight…. 

Velickovic +190 (half)

Edwards -265 vs. Barberena +235

Edwards is the longer, taller, faster more skilled precision striker with a developing ground game.  He’ll have a speed and athletic advantage over Bam-bam which is nothing new to Barberena.  Barberena will be forced to make this fight and take the pressure right to Edwards and try to get his hands on the slickster in order to make this fight less a stand up affair and more a gruel on the ground, a fracas on the fence or at minimum a clasping awkward clinch fight.  This tactic will bot favor Barberena as well take some of the freshness, quickness and distance away from Edwards.  Barberena may well give up the first but if he executes the plan the second then minutes of this fight will be key in Bryan battering the Brit.

Barberena +235 (half)

Bahadurzada -145 vs. Wilkinson +125

Bahadurzada fights at 170 usually and in this short notice (for Wilkinson) fight the weight was modified to 185.  Siyar then wallowed onto the scale at 186 looking like the Pillsbury doughboy.  This is a fade of Bahadurzada's much as it is my handicapping the newcomer as taller, younger, longer and in a great spot to bounce the inactive Bahadurzada for he offers well too many physical advantages against a fighter whose determination in this game we doubt and whose activity level has been sparse.

Wilkinson (half)

Volkov -115 vs. Struve +105

We’re interested in this main event but will choose to view some of the Saturday Matinee before we make any position.  Keep an eye on Twitter for any late release on this Main Event.

Profitable Sports Gaming

* originally posted incorrectly